Stefanie meets with the doctors

(Translated from Spanish)
"In my visit I have verified that definitively in union there is strength", Stephanie expressed, who in addition identified in the routes some people who artisan make tools that can be used in the processes of rehabilitation of children and adults, with no need to look for these options in the interior, usable in patients inclusively perfectly burned.

The Key

How aid Medical by La Paz?

They send groups of voluntary doctors, including doctors, medical dentists , nurses, fisioterapistas, assistants and of other professions related to the health, so that their knowledge are distributed in the areas that are required more around the world, with main presence in the Middle East, America Center, the South America, Africa, the East of Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and many more. Our team of volunteers has visited more than 50 countries, every year more are added giving hope to hundreds and thousands of people and Dominican Republic are one of them. .

"It is only necessary to have will to unite efforts; in spite of the limited resources deprived public and whereupon it counts east country to solve the problems and to replace necessities of first order, is possible to be optimized what already they have, each one of which they feel able to help, must tend the hand, to drive, not only staying oneself as expectadores, but to become actors strategic able to solve small things, thus together they will solve great things", expressed motivated the member honofico of Doctors by La Paz.

Within the objectives of the mission, they appeared to be soaked of the local reality, going to the same place of the action, visiting districts in extreme poverty, hunting the necessities of these in the matter of health, to be spokesmen of the work that is carried out, to asisensibilizar to affiliated organizations and well off groups, so that they become padrinos of this noble cause that establishes a noticeable difference in the life of many human beings.

"A thing is to see what group of people pawned on helping can obtain together and totally different other when you can see it and live it on first hand and in addition to survive the emotion", Mary Kwasniewski expressed, Director of the Programs of Global Health, Doctors by La Paz. Stefanie and his mother have been reduced until the tears at least once when they visited the mentioned institutions.

Already sensible before the Creole necessities these tenacious visitors have drawn up a goal signs and determined, after to have obtained the Burned equipment of the Unit of of the Pediatrico Hospital in Santiago, now the attention is in managing to reconstruct a oncologica unit for the children.

They seem to be energizadas to the point of not stopping until obtaining it, thanks to the support of many volunteers who through this organization often donate their hours of exercise and bottoms and equipment, with so with that the basic rights are satisfied.

"We have much luck to narrow to us in an affectionate hug with the Dominican ones and to give our heart so that the drawn up goals can be reached more soon possible, so that more lives can be saved", pointed Stephanie.

On Doctors by La Paz Doctors by La Paz are, medical international, humanitarian, nonlucrative an organization educational dedicated to construct to La Paz and the international relations in underdeveloped countries with medical necessities noncovers by limited resources in:

Medical education and clinical training, cares and donations of medical provisions.

The Dr. Charles E. Horton, a surgeon plastic and humanitarian of Norfolk, Virginia (the USA), acclaimed and known internationally, founded Doctors by La Paz on 1989 like a private organization, nonpolitical, without sectorial preference, with respect and compassion for the members of all the nations.

The efforts for the medical lightening are needed with urgency at world-wide level, and the present efforts are not sufficient. The world-wide development load with a 90% of the world-wide diseases, which today count in day just by 10% of the medical resources. Doctors by La Paz fight to revert this situation, by means of the exclusive approach of the medical education and training of long term and with pursuit, obtaining with this to offer an effective hand friend to whom they do not have many with that to count.